“Hail Jah praise his majesty, no more blank spaces in we history, we have truth of thought and rights of speech. Rastafari majesty must grow”
Hail Jah | Songs Fa Jah

“the truth haunts those who realize, we surrender our freedom without even a fight. Pray for right over-standing to justify the pain. Seek Jah first before all your livings in vain. Heed for a right cause or feel the wrath of mighty Jah. Rastafari keep I one step closer to the ground..."
To De Ground | Songs Fa Jah

“what a joy to live life in this world and make a joyful noise despite the millions they made off with. If Jah preserve your life to live and give right on. If Jah preserve your life to love and grow right on.
Sing a song for Jah...”
Songs Fa Jah | Songs Fa Jah

“test the wrath of Jah you're wasting all of your time, time that could be spent mastering my heart reaching divine. Give thanks for strength of insight and diligence through the muddy waters of pestilence Rastafari regiments...”
Praisin Jah | Songs Fa Jah

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