“a whole lot of patience, meek with a pleasant vibration. Predetermination, future sights part of the plan of this liberation. Free from the hand of slavery, its a soul libations. Speak up the good for the youth to hear. Progretion, stabilize the balance with the right intention, loosen up the tensions, them stress all dimension. Life is a mission, cant be slipping or regress staying stagnant in your methods, always confidence with elegance blissness, with Jah assistance, light with the power of speed,
preserve all the needs."
Full Heart | Space N Time

“hold up your strength all day, give thanks for life, endurance for your days. Blessed are they who walk through these days given Jah praise...”
Hold Ya Strength | Space N Time

“them proceed up with the wrong kind of life style and never smile, its been a while without the goods deeds in their pile, riled up in a crazy cerebral head spinnin and never gonna win it if the evil still in it."
Pon We | Space N Time

“its good to know good things in the earth they still grow, when all you have is hope, still catch the short end of the rope. The seed of the food them try to change, patent plants with them label, Mansatanos... experiment with Godly elements fe gross, toast with a boast them change genetic codes. Ignoring all betrayalment of law..."
Changen Seed | Space N Time