"The ancestral legacy of David came down to H.I.M."
Don't Be So | Free Indeed

“As ridicule is a scalp felt incision in the mind, a highly treasured medium of undermine, and the serpent told them “thou shall not surely die”
Endless Life | New Name

"He who sitteth with equity in judgement come forward, Selassie I come forward..."
Bless Go Roun | Bless Go Roun

"for we walk by faith not by sight, simply meaning before you can tangibly touch, can feel, can hold it to know
and go thru..."
Victory | Bless Go Roun

“if its in the business interest to cut down a whole forest, all the Eco chain connected. Suffer the same fate in removed, that’s when the top soil eroded, and in the mountain was cut open. Asphalt and pitch in a cover-in. Look how quick the run off is moving. Your factories in the air releasing chemicals, endangering people life with incompetence. True them think we have no representation, in the era of law suit of a billion. Look how many people are effected. Asleep at night when resting in their beds. Chemicals dispersing over residential. Admitting it straight up in the open, numerous of unknown toxins, people with respiratory problems, people with malignant skin lesions. These ones responsible for that ongoing, act like we're voiceless and leaderless. As if we're mute and isolated, all of a sudden right now its numerous of incidence. When the public outcry was evaded. They keep acting like its nothing. Figure it out from upwind and from downwind, which communities are most effected. Drifting over whole entire villages. Consider us neither coherent nor cognizant. They consider us shut off and isolated. Consider us shut off and disconnected. The sickness and the symptoms and who know best, not even money can feel niceness in a illness...”
For His Speech | Free Indeed

“the melody is just keep your heart beating, the melody is just feeling the sun and the wind. The melody is the melody as long as you breathing in. Regardless its within each one and everyone have a perceptual vortex of riches. Incredible to be greatful for small things highest small moment of a good thing...."
Perceptual Vortex | Free Indeed


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